Although among people still alone, a lonely heart

When I ride my bicycle I often say hello to many people, although I am among many people, I am still alone, a lonely heart riding my bicycle, I suppose it has been too many years like this, nobody would really miss me if I suddenly disappeared somewhere in Europe. Just feeling like this, one of my favorite hobbies is to sit on the benches of my little town, we have many … I talk here on the forum much more . … would it be fun if my next message was written in Paris …

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You can find happiness just within yourself.

You are right I am finding happiness within myself, I have not been with a woman for the past 17 years, so I have forgotten how it is to be with a woman … :smile:

Be patient. Things happen at a certain time for a reason.

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I think instead of finding someone to fill your inner emptiness, you can actually try to take the initiative to approach other people and fill their emptiness.

The reason? Giving is happier than receiving. Plus, when you do good to people, they will likewise do good to you.

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=( sorry @mjseu

I like being alone at home, I think as I was extremely depressed this winter, Now it is summer and I still feel lazy and wanna be alone. Yesterday I went out and it wasn’t fun =( I think this illness makes us forget how to have fun?