Alternative from taking medications

is there any alternatives to taking meds?

For me being completely off meds is not an option, (YET) but I am on lower doses due to therapy and my support group and the doc and I are talking about lowering the dose a bit more due to me giving up smoking.

Anger management and stress management classes helped me get off high doses of Zoloft and lower doses of Xanax. So the weight started coming off again.

If I get more of a handle on stuff, I might be able to lower it further still. There are few on this forum who use hypnotherapy to be med free. Others are using supplements to be on lower and lower doses of meds.

Have you talked to your doctor or therapist?

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if in 3 years time if im still stable and doing well, id like to slowly come of meds all going well but on the other side of the coin i have accepted i might need them for life so its 50t50 time will tell.

I have been told by many people I’m not the same man I was three years ago. I most likely won’t be the same man three years from now. Three years is a long time in some cases. A lot of positive things you’ve planted now could really take off and grow. No garden ever looks the same year after year.


I dont mean to be too frank, but when you ask if there are alternatives to meds, all I can think of is “substance abuse” and “suicide”


Like a high proportion of sufferers recover from first episode psychosis and don’t need help.

For the rest- If your multiepisodic then your most likely a sufferer for life. That is the thing.

Seriously. Taking psychotropic medicaitons if your diagnosed leads to better outcomes and yes…previous poster made a succinct point!

As always it’s something you bring up with your treatment team! It’s not something you mess with…take the pills and if you decide to get off them then titrate down slowly…ie you don’t stop! Stopping psych meds can be a horrible thing if done abrubtly…that is just the statistics of them all…

A friend in the struggle, Rogueone

It is possible after 2 years treatment for a first episode to wean off meds and be fine. The odds are small though. I was told 1 in 10 will be fine by my doctor, thats if they avoid anything to trigger them, drugs, severe stress etc. 3 out of 10 will last maybe even a couple of years max and relapse and the rest just relapse pretty quick. I myself did the 2 year treatment and was fine for nearly 5 years without meds and no symptoms. But then i started taking drugs again and was soon back in hospital. Alcohol was fine for me, i could drink heavily and did alot during my 5 years without meds and it never made me relapse. Drugs are illegal for a reason which i found out the hard way.

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