Alternative 4th of July plans for me and the husband

Since I have PTSD and fireworks trigger me I’ve been watching the theater line ups for the fourth since it’s the only place to get away from fireworks around here… They FINALLY updated their line up for the fourth and the black phone and lightyear are both playing on the fourth! We may be able to watch both! I’m not sure but we’ll figure it out!!!


Sounds a solid plan! Hope you figure it out and enjoy your movie/ theatre time. We don’t have community fireworks over here legally so it’s rare you hear stuff and usually that is New Years…I sleep through that most years lately anyways on these meds!


@rogueone we ordered the tickets! We’re going to see the black phone then lightyear back to back! I find even the smell of fireworks or gunpowder triggers me so I HAVE TO stay inside during fireworks


I’m kinda dreading the Fourth. People in my neighborhood set off super loud fireworks and shoot guns.

Take care and have fun.

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