Alternate Reality

I feel like I live in an alternate Universe where ppl aren’t really ppl but demons disguised as my family, friends etc… Does anyone else feel this way & how do you cope?


In my delusional state implied by the hallucinations everyone is basically a telepathic clone of one another. There individual actions and statements differ, but there perspectives and responses are all the same. Don’t try to change the world and things like that. Frankly nonsense. It is really tough to cope with. Best bet is learning how to take your mind off of it when you can, and to do so quickly when you can. Then you might start feeling like things are normal.

It’s totally worth it too. Because these things are not real and they shouldn’t have a hold on you.

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Oh, no, I’m sorry sweetie, that can be rough.

I don’t have any advice, just keep on lovin’ them.

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I actually felt exactly that for two years, now with the medication it stopped.
Hope you feel better too !

  1. Take my meds as directed.

  2. Do reality-reorienting psychotherapies, like…

10 StEP –

the even newer somatic psychotherapies like…

or standard CBTs, like…
Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

I sometimes wonder if I haven’t wondered into an alternate universe. There are things happening in my life that defy all logic. They are nearly impossible. I’m astonished by the whole thing.


thought i would say hi.
take care :alien:

Wandered?” (…or “wondered”) (either could work, I guess)

I spent most of my life in alternate universe of my own mental construction. (Though I had a lot of help from the Krazy Kult-ure.)

I met “wandered”. Thanks for correcting me. There is no rational explanation for most of the bizzare ■■■■ I’ve been seeing.

I agree. And if one is taking their meds as prescribed and directed, as well as not ingesting too many neurostimulants in excess quantities, they shouldn’t.

Crimby, what’s going on?

Has something happened in your life?

You seem to be struggling.

Sorry to hear, you are a great person, don’t let anything get in the way of your health.

I don’t know what’s going on. It’s just that it seems that people way beyond the normal range of those who should know about my life are intensely involved in my personal life. I live in Oklahoma. Someone in Tennessee should not have any knowledge of my existence. Someone in a town thirty miles from where I live should not know about my existence, especially when I haven’t been there for six months. All kinds of people I don’t want in my life are enmeshed in my daily existence. I’m really shocked by it. They act like they are entitled to own me. People come at me with this attitude that “you do something to me I don’t understand”, and I am going “Who in the hell are you?”

That sounds a bit like targeting, I sure hope that isn’t it.

I wouldn’t act out against them, or try to locate them, they are probably trying to bait you to see if you will counter them.

And if they do become a presence in your life, such as making threats or stalking you, I would take it to the police.

sorry that’s happening to you. What a bunch of bull.