Alone with bad memories

is what made me decide to live with others again.


yeah I have forsaken society and the company of others at times only to have recently come to the conclusion that as much a proud introvert as I am I do need in addition to my alone time my people time as well to stay healthy and balanced. I get far too stuck in my own head in long periods of isolation.


I live with my parents and my sisters, and I’m never usually alone, because I also have my boyfriend who I talk to all of the time. When I am home alone though, and my boyfriend is not around, I find bad memories creep up and I start to feel anxiety again. I worry that I’m going to relapse from this stress.

Being alone… I will sit and ponder and bad memories will come bubbling up.

I’m not good with being alone.

At least with the family, if there is no friends.

recently i haven’t been doing well which is why I dropped in again.
I’ve been getting repeats, cycles of bad memories.

I’m afraid to share them with real people.

I have bad memories too both real and imagined.

I find that since my symptoms subsided and I quit drinking and other things again I am not dwelling on them. But they do seem to come at me in cycles though…I’ll go four months or more not dwelling on my memories and then bam they come back at me again. These days I’m more inclined to just acknowledge that yes I have these memories, there may be some major unresolved issues there, but the only thing I know of that has worked for me when it comes to healing from trauma is time.

@katwomansz - Talking about it can be very helpful though…do you have anyone, a therapist or anyone else who is able to listen and offer their feedback and help you work through dealing with these memories?

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I love being alone for a bit then I go all crazy in the brain box monkeys together strong! LOL

our Air conditioning broke and my mind was baking and that brought on symptoms.
I think its related to the heat as it set off my MS too that usually rarely bothers me.

I think its better now, I just have to take it easy and keep cool. thanks all.
I do talk to pdoc but that’s only once a month and I try to hide everything from my husband as there is nothing he can do.
sometimes he tries to tease me to make me laugh which works sometime but other times just whips me up…