Alone in a world

I recently admitted some things to a person and they wanted me to look up Schizophrenia. I did and it made my heart rush. I am in good control of myself through diet, rigid discipline & study, but I am not ready for medicine. I am able to sense many things… I have multiple realities I can access while in this one…I scored 101 (the highest is 105) on the Mental Health America screening site. Tell me, does anyone else resonate with these processes?

Hi, welcome to the forums! Here, you will find many interesting and awesome people who all help each other out. There are silly jokes and nonsense threads too. We like to keep it balanced between light and heavy here.

Have you heard of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)? It’s very popular among our unmedicated members. It involves a lot of brain exercises that help you determine what is reality and what is not. Good diet, discipline, and studying are all good things for living a healthy and productive life.

I will just say that going to a doctor doesn’t always mean meds. You have a right to refuse them if you’re not ready, but doctors can set you up with therapies and coping strategies that can help a lot.

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What can happen in college psychology classes is that many, many students will read the text book that lists the multitude of different mental disorders and their symptoms, and the students will think they have all these disorders. They think they fit the profile. So they think tney are psychopathic or anti-social, or psychotic etc. when actually they are not.