Alone for two weeks

My mother and her husband are going on a vacation, they go on 4-7 vacations a year on average, cruises and whatnot. This time they will be in Mexico for a couple weeks, the leave this Sunday. So I will be alone in the house for a couple weeks. If a week from now I am desperately lecturing you all on the Nephilim NWO, my bad.


Well The Onion says I’m not alone.

I’ve been alone for a hours at a time and when my mother in law’s sister died I was left alone for a week and a half by myself. I hated it I had no one to talk to.

You do know the onion is a satirical site right?

Lol yes. Was just sharing the humor.

especially because I do the fake argument thing ALL the time

i know plenty about the nephilim and nwo. i had those giants wandering outside my house a few nights. Scared the crap out of me.

My thing is that I get concerned that I’m one of their b@stard descendants, which is why I am obsessed with the government and religion, since we are bound together in a psychic manner by our demonic DNA, and they know about me.

Nothing like grandiose delusion meets supernatural paranoia for a week of insomnia.

i thought i was a decendant of Jesus and that i didn’t fullfill my part of being good enough so the nephilim were after me. As well as aliens and the government. I am still getting over this delusion. It’s not easy.

I pretty much have to stay away from that part of YouTube.

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hey i would love to have company with you but we are ocians apart.

me too, it just sucks me in. it was like something inside me was feeding on all that info. I had voices telling me “more!” when i was on there. I spent like 3 yrs researching all those lies.

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I advise schizophrenics not to put all their emotional eggs in one basket.

Schizophrenics are known for being creative. When I’ve isloated long enough, it is up to me to come up with plans to break the isolation.


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