Alone at xmas

I am spending xmas alone again. I am too paranoid around groups of ppl and I don’t want to be harassed

I too will be alone at Christmas I can’t stand to be around people and being lonely seems like a fair trade off.

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All that will be around here is my parents and me, and my cat…same as always. I’m not big with crowds either, even if I know most of the people there.

Seeing others have a good time makes me miserable.
So it’s watching TV’s classical Christmas movies again I guess.

Nothing wrong with that. I’ll be watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” :smile:

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A Christmas Story is great also!**

Do you think that they will play the “Die Hard” movie again this year to.

To all those celebrating alone - Merry Christmas -hoping you guys make the best of it

Alone but free :sunny:

Im on my own too this Christmas. I hope there’ll be some good stuff on the telly.

I will be spending Christmas day with my son. We will b making bread pudding and banoffee pie later on, then I will be making roast chicken, pigs in blankets, raost sweet potato, roast white potato, roast parsnips, sausage and sage stuffing, cauliflower cheese, sprouts, carrots, broccoli, bread sauce, gravy and Yorkshire puddings. We are going to have a feast!!! Though we’re not eating till about 6pm. So today I shall have company whereas tomorrow night I shall be alone. Gonna get Maxim to set up the free view for me so I can watch some TV. I know I won’t sleep until sunrise anyway so I’ll do that, write and maybe start my new computer course, whilst stuffing my face with bread pudding :-).

I don’t know if I will be alone or not. I’m in an “independent living” program at the assisted living center where I live. That means I am In an apartment away from the people in the “residential care” facility. However, all I have to do is take a short walk, and I can eat Xmas dinner with everyone. I was looking forward to doing a lot of reading on this long weekend, but now I feel the need for some company on Xmas day.