Alogia or not alogia

I cant seem to decide if I have ir or not EDUVIGIS THIS IS FOR YOU!!

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I feel like I have alogia. I don’t talk much sometimes because I miss a lot of social cues and half the time it takes me a long time to think of topics to talk about or how to respond to people. Is that the same with you?

Yes. I pause in the middle of talking to people. I often rely on my knowledge and it fails me.

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Yeah same I have to pause and think about what I’m going to say because I struggle to think and talk at the same time or instead I keep talking and things come out wrong. Me and my pdoc thought it might be ‘thought blocking’ which is another negative symptom but we’ve ruled that out

Hmm. I haven’t heard as much insight than I have reading your post before. I feel the exact same way I can’t express my thoughts as easily. Ahh yes it is similar to thought blocking but my pdoc says to find a job be more resilient and of course, waits for me to talk and speak it encourages me to use communication skills I make up. Lol.

@eduvigis hope this can help

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Yeah working helps me a lot with my mood and it’s good practice for communication, I recommend it or volunteering. I don’t have to talk heaps at work but sometimes I have to and it’s stressful. I also struggle to explain things and leave out important bits of information which is not ideal at work

I have recovered significantly from my alogia, to the point where it is not evident to other people as I can converse with them. The problem is, when I am by myself I dont have a train of thought. These are the main issues for me, a discontinuous train of thought and the inability to spontaneously elaborate or connect ideas. When I write alogia is not an issue, I guess because spontaneity is not present.