Alocholics here

is there any here and can explain your experince ?

İ never liked alcohol or drugs.i smoke only cigarettes for 10 years and i quit 10 years ago.but i really want to smoke top quality cuban cigars which is 4000 dollars a box.i desperately want it.

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I don’t drink alcohol

but I would love to

However I don’t get the kick maybe bcoz of my sz condition

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Taking drugs (drink included) just means that you are unhappy with your reality. It is a form of escape from the gritty and often sad life that surrounds us.

The ideal is to live a life of sobriety, but often those with a lot of bad memories to escape cannot cope with a drug free life as the past seeps into the present, often unconsciously and makes people feel restless, ill at ease and more often than not depressed.

Facing the cyclone of the past head on is difficult to do as people find this counter intuitive and run away from their problems instead, but face it one must or spend their whole life running away.

It often takes solid introspection, counselling and therapy to overcome, or the temporary haze of drugs will always be appealing. Enjoying the high will never satisfy you in the long run, as the high soon dims through constant use. This is followed by dependence and addiction in the physical form.

Addiction is not uncommon. Escapism is common. You are not alone.

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You’re only supposed to talk about alcohol in a recovery context, @pedro27.

Not to announce that you drink and will continue drinking.

And there are no benefits other than the buzz.

It causes liver issues and not to mention life ruining addiction.

You smoke weed everyday

Get over it

Stop harrashing me here

Weed isn’t booze.

And I’m allowed to get on here and talk about how great it is.

You aren’t allowed to do the same about booze.

weed is worse on the brain

and it triggers psychosis

its been proven

Medical Marijuana is helping my fathers chronic pain immensely.

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29 years sober and counting Sobriety date is Feb 11, 1992. Long-term AA member, still attending meetings online.

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You’re honestly not worth educating about the differences between weed and alcohol.

This thread is ridiculous.

You call on all alcoholics then talk about drinking.

By the age of 16 my GP told me if I did not quit drinking, then my liver would not repair itself anymore

Since, I have a one beer limit, and I stay away from cheap Whiskey

Long story, won’t get into much detail

Alcohol finished off my dad, and I would not like to be buried next to him with the same affliction as cause of death

your trying 2 make me seem bad

thats your karma not mine

just have another puff of your joint there

no i don’t think i am an alcoholic, but do have a couple beers on occasions. maybe in the past i was an alcoholic, when i was in my 20’s and binge drank 5 nights a week. but those days are behind me. i’ve never liked liqour or the hard stuff, puke city haha. im mindful of not drinking too much and don’t buy alcohol anymore, the only time i have something to drink is when dad or my brother in law give me one or two. that works for me. i don’t crave it or anything. and don’t keep it in the house.

us szs need a out let imo

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If you’re trying to shame me about using cannabis,

You picked the wrong one.

It helps me with my anxiety and doesn’t cause any harm.

You can believe what you want about it,

But it’s not damaging my liver and I’m probably not going to die because of it.

Alcohol has a completely different reputation.

I can’t believe you’re promoting it’s use and saying it has benefits.

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Weed is good in moderation

People like me don’t know the meaning of the word

If I hadn’t been introduced to it at age 11, I think now I’d still be able to enjoy it but I can’t

Very sad, as I loved the stuff. It was a hobby

I just did too much too young

My bad

:scream: :scream: :scream:

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