Almost Losing My Daughter in April

We’re best buddies…really. She’s the female clone of me when I was that age.

I would have jumped off a bridge if I had lost her. I’ve never been so shaken up in my entire life than I was during those 4 weeks 2 months ago.

I have 2 girls, and they are both like 2 little hearts beating outside of my chest. I’d easily die for both of them.

I watch my temper now and appreciate the little moments more. I hope I’m around to walk them both down the aisle should they choose to marry.


You sound like a good father Patrick. I respect that.


I’ve related this moment before…

My girl was acting up so it goes like this…

Me: “Anne! You’re acting strident! Google that word!!”

Daughter: “Google I don’t give a F!!”

She actually stopped at the f without completing the entire bomb…then we both burst out laughing.


Thank God your daughter is okay. Life is precious. :dove:


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