Almost got to go to New Orleans...almost

My architect buddies down in New Orleans were going to give me $500 to come to their town for a weekend stay but they had to pull out at the last moment because their tax refund turned out that they owed money this year so we are putting it on the back burner until they can raise the money again. could take months but since they are wealthy I am thinking it might still happen. I was kind of bummed I’m not going now though. oh well…day six not smoking and holding on has me feeling better.


Congratz! I am so impressed by all of you who have quit, even if just for a week. I am a slave to the death stick.

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I still have crazy cravings but I am resolute. I will not smoke whatever it takes…life is better. gives me purpose in life and enriches my life. good luck turnip, I just never quit trying.


I am hoping if I can get medication again, I can try to quit again with success. I remember when I was on Zyprexa for a little while, I stopped getting nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but I kept smoking as a nervous habit. Hopefully if that happens again, I can make it this time.

I know a tree farmer from outside New Orleans, family money, half the stuff he says is lies but the most interesting stuff is true. Fronted and toured with a hardcore band in the 80’s, got into some big time smuggling stuff after that. Guy knows more about trees than anyone I ever knew, went on an arbor walk once and forgot his notepad, no problem, just wrote it all down on a piece of birchbark. Backed him up on drums and he still had his stuff from the 80’s.

I love eccentrics, always have, and this guy was certainly one. If only I could manage to truly be myself as these people can.

I wish I knew more about you so I’d know more what to say to you. Have you ever posted a picture of yourself?

Also sorry to be a downer, but you say that they are wealthy, yet they rug-pulled the offer last minute due to some taxes? I hope they are not just being a bag of dicks and yanking you around.

yes, chordy a long time ago on one of the “show your picture” threads I shared my photo…

@Turnip no it’s cool…they aren’t being dicks…they have a heavy work load and he said right now is also just not a good time to miss work…architecture is full of deadlines and stress so I understand…it’s why I don’t still practice architecture.

Well, I missed it. Just want to encourage you to stay the course. And another high five to you.

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I’m goin’ down the river, headed over to New Orleans,
Everyone says it’ll all be alright, but I don’t know what that even means.

-Bob Dylan


I’m sure you’ll have a great time. I visited family there for Mardi Gras and I made it to Rex (the parade) which was nice.

In the French Quarter there is this chandelier shop that I love to visit. There is also a very good coffee shop, but I can’t remember the name. I usually don’t go to the Quarter on my visits, because my family lives in a nearby suburb.

Take pictures and post them here please, if you can.

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I spent the weekend in the French Quarter visiting an old friend. Not much into partying anymore but had some great food and hit up Cafe du Monde on Sunday morning. There was a marathon going on.