Almost got mauled by a train!

I spaced out a bit, but the car in front slowed down as I was crossing the intersection, as the light turned red. Then the train tracks were right after, he slowed down then sped up, and the gate went up behind me as I sped up to cross, then I heard the horn and saw the train coming from my right, and the car was stopped so I just kept pressing forwards and missed the gate closing on me by seconds. He slams on his breaks and parks, hops out with his shoulders hunched like he was about to fight me. I swerved around him and he purposely tried to get in front of the car, and I was so scared I was shaking and my heart was racing. I feel horrible now. People are so rude around here sometimes. I don’t even feel like talking to anyone. I’m constantly feeling like I have no community, and what little community I had turned against me because they scapegoated me over their own faults and bias. I am tired of being treated like a subordinate lady.

Where you at starry?

A Masonic town in West Virginia…