Almost got hit by a truck

i had to walk to the food stamp office to turn in some papers. and when i was walking there i walked with headphones in and when i turned in the papers i took them and walked home without them. when i was crossing where there was a stop sign a guy in a red truck almost hit me and yelled at me, “move you fat ass bitch!” and i pointed to the stop sign, he gestured and flipped me off so i just walked faster across the street and he peeled out of there. all the way home i heard his words over and over again.


Don’t let it get to you,

People are jerks.

Especially when they are shouting from the safety of their cars,

That guy is a coward,

Let it go.


In the future people won’t drive but use autonomous vehicles.
Driving habit problem solved.

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People behind the wheel frequently fall into the trap of thinking they’re always right about everything. Try to dismiss his words. Maybe make a list of positive things about yourself to drown his words out with.

Things like, “caring individual” or “good pet owner”


What an idiot he is … please don’t take it to heart :flushed:


I’m sorry that happened to you. He is just a mean person and would have had an insult for whoever was walking in his way. Don’t take it to heart.


He’s just some anonymous as**ole. His opinion doesn’t count for s*it. I’m sorry you are feeling bad though. It’s easy to pick on people, anyone can do that. It takes a good person, to have empathy. It’s harder to be a good person and most people take the easy way.


I’m sorry he did that. People can be so hurtful and mean. He means nothing. You matter. Good thing he didn’t do that to me in my current state. He would’ve peed his pants in fear. But you are sweet. He has to live with his ugly soul. That’s punishment enough.


Lol, hey can I borrow you for an hour to yell at my internet provider? Their customer service should be called “customer dis-service” instead. I’ve been dealing with these guys for a month now and as my late father used to say " those people don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground." I can’t figure out where this saying came from but it refers to stupid people. Anyways, I have been known to argue with these people but they are wearing me down.


How’s your ankle by the way, @cbbrown?

Oh lemme at em!


I’m not a cryer but seeing these words makes me very sad. I hope you’re over it @cbbrown.

A little sore still especially when i go up and down stairs. I was told go back to the surgeon but he was a dick so i don’t want to go back. My in-laws don’t care how i feel so i helped put in windows yesterday.

At least you don’t have to hear hoe ■■■■ or whore everyday. If I was sane I would have just kept walking and ignoring him. People are rude smh

I am so sorry @cbbrown !!! what a jerk!

Treat it like water off a duck’s back…let it slide. People can be rude just don’t allow it to ruin the life you are living. Keep your head up :sun_with_face:

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You’re taking a huge risk to not follow a doctors orders or suggestions. If you keep putting stress on this ankle you are risking a permanent physical disability… That’s the reality. Would you like to be a schizophrenic who can’t walk without a cane or a schizophrenic who has a permanent limp for the next 20 years or a schizophrenic who has chronic physical pain for the next 20 years?

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@77nick77 I made your post yellow because it is important. And because I wanted to.

I am sorry that you went through this @cbbrown!
You are a Wonderful person!