Almost forgot monthly fashion thread

monthly fashion thread.
let’s talk fashion.
i have a somewhat vested interest in it, so no silly fashion, eh?

let’s talk real fashion!
men’s fashion is okay, but i’ve seen it a lot. a different genre of fashion might be better here. i don’t know.


some fashion advice for men. This comes from an elite AND aristocratic woman

Kidding ;(

I’ll post some stuff

The best for spring/summer
loose shirt/chemise with casual shorts and sneakers

Plaids are awesome! so plaid shirts with army shorts + some simple sneakers

Winter - this is nice although the jeans is too skinny + the ankles are just not a good idea


@sirBoring If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you? I can’t tell.

yes. i might join the army, when i recover. they say people like army men in army shorts. I mean, I like army men too, but not the way that I’m implying. er… nevermind

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What about some fashion advice for women???

I thought you are 20-21?

if the topic is making you a bit… anxious… we can always go to another genre of fashion besides men fashion.

i don’t want to talk about a topic that might tempt young posters… :slight_smile:

Damn static electricity:


I found the shoes to the above outfit:


Male models are CUTE.


electric fashion is cool, Kindness, but it just doesn’t feel natural

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I’m a jeans, shirt, jumper kind of guy.


jeans are hot during hot Spring days.


like people should be wearing skirts or shorts instead. a good amount of air

Always make sure the color of your belt matches the color of your shoes. Or that the two are at least similar material.


I reallllly want these shoes!


Those Vans look pretty tight! :smiley:


Gonna sound weird but I saw them in a dream that I had :joy: And then tried to find them to buy but they don’t do them :frowning: so I had to custom design and illll never be able to get them as I have more important things to buy, sad story of the day lmao

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Haha :slight_smile: I just bought a pair of vans myself. Weird that they don’t have that style in the U.K. The checkered, slip on is pretty common here in the US.

Here’s my new pair:

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They have the black and white ones, just not red and white :frowning: waaah! And they are really nice! :slight_smile:

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Oh I am sorry, I didn’t notice the red and white, I thought they were the black and white lol :slight_smile: that looks cool!!

And thank you, they’re my favorite shoe haha :slight_smile:

My favourite style is probably gothic.
I also digg punk clothes and Victorian and old fashioned but also adore floral romantic n even some hippie.
Amoung other things.
I wear what I find what I got and gifts I been given in form of clothing.