Almost all of my friends have some sort of diagnosed mental illness


Or were diagnosed with one at some point in their lives. I have 10 people who I consider to be very close friends of mine. Only 4 of them to my knowledge don’t have mental illness and were never diagnosed. Birds of a feather flock together huh?

I have had many, many other less close friends who struggled with it as well. It makes me very sad that mental illness is so prevalent and that people I care for so much suffer regularly. I wish I could stop all of it but I can’t so I just try to be there for them and supportive how I can be. And I can’t even do that all of the time.


I have a friend who has more serious anxiety than me. I also have a couple of friends on antidepressants. I think it’s pretty common these days. You’d like to think that people are looking after themselves and are better educated.


i had no real friends because i wasnt like the other kids growing up

after sz i had no friends for obvious reasons

here i am

i didnt read your whole post


That’s a nice way of looking at it.

I feel like if so many people are sick we should start looking at the world around us. It’s one thing if one person in a building starts throwing up. It’s another if over half the building starts throwing up.


I wasn’t really like the other kids growing up either and always felt alienated. However I was able to mimic their behavior and learn social rules. I even liked to write about them back in the day. So I think that helped.


yeah, i have never felt a friend relationship to be fulfilling in any way

other people seem to always want to project how wonderful their shallow friendships are

like married couples who put on the facade of how perfect everything is in public when whatever they thought they once had is so far gone they can never hope to get it back

for me friendships seem like practical temporary alliances


I gravitated to the nerds and alternatives for sure. I found a niche but I got on with everyone. I was friendly with most and did ok socially and still do.

I think the modern west with it’s emphasis on success is totally bogus and continues to stress people. Stress is our biggest enemy as you all know but I think that works for most normal folk too!

What if your not the prom queen/king? What if you do a shitty job and earn minimum wage but that is all you can do? Schizophrenics aren’t the only ones marginalized and struggling with modern life. It’s nuts and stress increases our drama for sure so it does it to others too!


I’ve known a lot of people on “the circuit” here in northern VA. The same friends from partial hospitalization might pop up with you at crisis care, or at a vocational services thing. Some of the friendships forged with other diagnosed people can last a long time if you keep contact info.


Good friends are difficult to find. Furthermore good friends seem to be categorized by how much someone will sacrifice for you (their time, help, etc) and how devoted they are to you, which is definitely selfish in nature.

To me I’m more focused on how much I enjoy spending time with that person, how open and myself I can be with them, and that the friendship isn’t toxic rather than on how “shallow” it is.


I’m friends with one guy with both SZ + autism and two other guys with ADHD (and both had depression at some point). I’d say we cling to each other because we’re usually more willing to help each other out with our issues.


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