Almost 3 months in hospital. What did I do wrong?

Well kind of. When you cite studies or statistics you have to consider the source. Most things I read from different sources seem to back up my claim.

Three factors that make the chances of getting violent go up in schizophrenics are not talking medication, a history of violence before getting sick and substance abuse.

That’s a generalization that makes it sound like all schizophrenics are dangerous. That’s simply not true. Me and friends I’ve had who are schizophrenic never got violent and manage our emotions just fine. I’m not dangerous to myself and others, and my delusions do not stop me from working, taking college courses, living semi-independently, driving my own car, getting up and going grocery shopping this morning and now eating a leisurely breakfast as I talk to you.

Oh my god that’s so ■■■■■■■ triggering. From real life medical professionals. They should have their licenses revoked

Well then, I suppose I just got “lucky.” I was never violent, never hateful, never did any drugs or drank any alcohol, but I also never had a great handle on my emotions. All of them; fear, anger, shame; they consume me, drive me off the deep end, and they always have. I was on meds, taking them religiously, when I began having command hallucinations telling me to kill my grandfather. Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps that makes you better than me, but don’t celebrate, because it’s a low bar.

Folks, please try to get this thread back to the OPs original thread topic.

I’m not here to judge. Sounds like you are a pretty intense guy. And yes, you did a lot of things right but meds do not take care of every symptom and you can be on the right meds for years at the right dose and they can stop working, as you know.

With lots of negatives but no depression plus the pseudo delusion described above

I didn’t do “a lot of things” right, I did everything right. Took my meds, told people about my symptoms, asked to be taken to the hospital, tried to distract myself and ignore the voices, wrestled with listening to my mom or listening to you all on this forum, resisted finding some way of getting high or drowning my sorrows, and it didn’t change a goddamn thing.

Anyways, @NotSeksoEmpirico, I apologize for derailing your thread. I’ve finished saying what I need to say, so this is it. Take care!

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Whether you read this or not, despite your own personal story, my original point is that the majority of schizophrenics are not violent nor are we all dangerous.
This is the point I made.

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