Almonds vs complex carbohydrates in a weight reduction program

There ya go. Since I’m the local health dude, I figured I’ll post some real knowledge about it.

Objective:To evaluate the effect of an almond-enriched (high monounsaturated fat, MUFA) or complex carbohydrate-enriched (high carbohydrate) formula-based low-calorie diet (LCD) on anthropometric, body composition and metabolic parameters in a weight reduction program.

So healthy fats vs healthy carbs.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that an almond-enriched LCD improves a preponderance of the abnormalities associated with the metabolic syndrome. Both dietary interventions were effective in decreasing body weight beyond the weight loss observed during long-term pharmacological interventions; however, the almond-LCD group experienced a sustained and greater weight reduction for the duration of the 24-week intervention. Almond supplementation of a formula-based LCD is a novel alternative to self-selected complex carbohydrates and has a potential role in reducing the public health implications of obesity.

So the almonds helped reduce fat to a greater extent.

So the real question is…what should you be eating?


haaa gottiiiii

Alright but really, why aren’t you eating nuts? Go eat them right now.

easy to eat a lot of calories of almonds without realizing it. almonds are very calorie dense. so you may inadvertently gain weight eating almonds. also they may affect your ability to pass stool. these are just possibilities off the top of my head. i can produce no concrete support for not eating these nuts.

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