What was your allowance growing up as a kid?

MY Dad used to give me 2 dollars a week for cleaning his golf clubs. I think I graduated and capped out at 5 dollars per week as an early teenager.

But a kid with 2 bucks in my era could really ‘go to town’. I’d buy pop, gum, candy, freezies…etc at the local convenience store and even have change left over.

Dang I’m an old-timer, eh?

I got $1/week. Eventually, I got nothing.

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$2/week as a preteen. $5/week as a teen until about age 14, when I found work.

Our daughter gets $10/week right now (she’s 14) and she works for me as second camera when I hire out, or as an assistant DJ when I have gigs. I give her 10% of gross for those and write her income off against taxes as a subcontractor, which she is.



I think that’s wonderful, Pix…

Your young daughter will have tons of great teenage memories hanging out with Dad shooting film or cranking out the tunes! :wink:

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1 dollar Bob :slight_smile: then later 2 dollars a week

I remember in 1978…

Public transit cost a quarter. It went up to 30 cents the next year and we all had a fit because we had to add a nickel to the fare! lol!

I was 12 years old at that time.

In the late-80s, I was able to ride the Washington DC Metro into Anacostia from Alexandria and back for about $2. Now it’s like $8 or 10.

My dad and I used to DJ together. I’m getting all nostalgic now! Those were some of my best memories.

My allowance system was dependent on the work I did. Washing dishes was $10 (for eleven people, by hand), taking out the trash was $2, cleaning my room was $5, cleaning the bathroom was$10.

The pay started lower, and slowly raised as I got older. We also got paid based on our report card grades. $20 for an A, $10 for a B, $1 for a C, and we had to pay back for any failing grades.

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And real music like this was on the airwaves…(sigh)…

I didn’t have an allowance my dad said he was letting me live there free what more did I want.

As far as my children, at the age of 7 they got .50 a week. At 10 they were up to 3.00. At 14 it was 10.00.

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I still remember when I was like 8 or 10 years old in vancouver seeing gas at 28 cents a liter. I’m 27 now. A lot changes in 20 years!

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My Mom gave me $5.00 a week if I did all my chores. Took money off for jobs not completed.

My Dad would give me $2.00 when ever I needed a little extra.

When I was about 15 almost 16… they found out I was drinking and using drugs… so they quit giving me money…

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How did you get into it so early?

My older cousin who I looked up too would sneak cigs… whiskey and pot to me all the time.

He also gave me my first taste of LSD.

When I was younger, I thought he was the coolest person ever. But looking back, now that he’s long passed away… I see he was just deeply addicted and didn’t even think of quitting.

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To mention my first taste of LSD (remember now like it was yesterday) would probably destroy my life more than it already is…ahem…hmm…yep. Silence.

Allowance…not sure I even needed one until I began to go out on my own which was when I was 11 or 12. It was soon after this that I just took what I needed to be honest. First job at 14 though…made pennies compared to my grand larcenating little bitch of my other half.

Allowance? For me that was zero, nothing everything was worked for, or worse…is normal for my old country

I never got an allowance, but I lived out in the middle of nowhere and there weren’t really many/any places to spend money.

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