Alligators, Spiders, Snakes, And Bird's!. (Look Inside)


In The Strange Yet Fascinating Wilderness Of Mysterious Nature.

Exist’s Honest Purity. Strangely Unique In It’s True, Clear, Innocent Form.

Much Like Graceful And Hopeful Bewildering Rain. As The Puddles Gather Dreams Of Wander.

There Is Much To See, Much To Hear, Much In Each Sense, & Much To Learn In It’s Wonderment.

There Stands A Pyramid In The Eye Of The Witness. Revealing Truth In The Questions Of Life.

If One Begins To Ask. Silently. Respectfully. And Peacefully. Answers May Begin To Respond.

Although Who Knows For Sure. Nature Is As Confusing As Humans Without A Doubt.


I’ve Seen An Alligator, It Spoke, In Symbolism.

I’ve Seen A Spider, It Spoke, In Symbolism.

I’ve Seen A Snake, It Spoke, In Symbolism.

And Bird’s Wake The World Each Morning. Song’s As Clear As Sunbeams!.

Be It One Man’s Delusional Type Of Thinking. Be It Jus A Dream. It Still Remains Fulfilling!.


Maybe you should be sleeping :sleeping: @77nick77

Hmm. . .

Nature Is All Around. Underneath The Ground, In The Sky, Within The Ocean.

And In Your Tender Heart!.

Hmm. . .

Nature Is In Your Breath. In The Leaves, The Speaking Gentle Silent Still Trees, , ,

Quite The Elusive Mystery?.

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