Allergies update

Hey everyone! I have news about why i tested negative for all allergies back in 2017 despite having loads of reactions

Antipsychotics apparently can invalidate the test results, and my previous allergist failed to mention that. So looks like I have to schedule another test to get more accurate results. I hope this is useful to anyone who may be dealing with similar confusion.


That would probably be why they don’t test me for anything

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I hope next time you get the answers you need. I find it very interesting that APs can affect test results


So @ninjastar how can you do a test when you are on APs?

It is my understanding that you have to stop them for 7 days. If you are unable to do that, the likelihood of a false negative increases.

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I had an allergy test while taking Invega. It was one where they put samples of products on your arm. I tested positive on multiple substances. They didn’t mention the above to me either.

Invega isn’t one of the medications listed. I don’t know enough about pharmacology to know what would make it different than the others.

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I have never had any allergies. I have a friend who did and he got stuck with like 100 needles on his back. Didn’t look fun at all. Looked like he fell on a cactus.

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I’m getting the blood tests for allergies because right now we don’t have access to an allergist.

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