Allergic reaction to calamari

I went to some seafood restaurant today and for the very time in my life ordered fried calamari (squid).
It tasted disgusting to me and had a rubbery texture that was gross.
I had a few bites and couldn’t eat any more.

When I arrived in the hotel room I had a bad case of the runs and my entire face was real itchy and these red hives broke out all over my face.

Thank goodness it didn’t last very long.
The itchiness has subsided and so has the hives in my face.

I must have had some sort of food allergy and I’m guessing it was the calamari because I never had it before.

Hopefully I’ll be alright now.

I’m staying away from seafood for now.


Good call.

Sorry you got so sick,

Glad you’re feeling better.

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Thank you @anon54386108!

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That’s just scary, good thing you only ate a little. Glad you’re feeling better.

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Yeah close call!
Thanks @leafy.

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I don’t like it either. My son loves it.

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lol yeah it was like eating rubber…:tired_face:


You think it could be food poisoning?

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No I don’t think so, my stomach feels fine now.

Wow that’s scary! It’s a good thing you didn’t end up liking it and only had a few bites.

Have you ever had problems with any other shellfish?

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You should go right to the doctor if that happens. Did you ever see a doctor?

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Yikes! Stay away from it in the future! Do you take diphenhydramine (benedryl)?

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It was probably food poisoning.

Calamari is good; Octopus is better though, imo.

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My one Aunt mentioned that I should take Benadryl.
I want to avoid taking any OTC meds.

I’m doing better now.

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I never had problems with seafood or shellfish before.
I’ve had shrimp before many times with no problems but I’m also wondering if it could have been the shrimp.

I didn’t see a doctor during the time it happened.

I just looked it up, and apparently shellfish allergy is notoriously adult onset, even if you’ve been eating that stuff all your life. Be careful!

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In Greek it’s called calamari

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