All You Need Is

John and Jane were two kids in the 1960’s going to school on their parents paychecks, believing in free love and association, and experimenting with drugs. They particularly liked a song from the Beatles titled “All You Need Is Love” and decided to make it their mantra. Then one day their parents cut them off, and Jane announced she was pregnant. When Jane’s baby came it started to cry because it had pooped it’s diaper. Jane looked around and noticed all the diapers, baby formula, food for them. and housing required money to obtain. So she told John to get a job. John started to protest but when she threatened to leave he gave in. Then he told her to get a job since she was so much into Women’s Lib. She protested but realized she wanted to live in a better neighborhood so she did so. Then they decided that their jobs sucked so they completed their college degrees and got higher paying jobs. Then they noticed their kids’ school sucked and moved to a better neighborhood. To make a long story short they are now Republicans and their grandkids are now in college supporting liberal causes. They now laugh when they listen to the Beatles while telling their kids to cut their bratty grandkids off from their monetary support system. Don’t kid yourself. You need more than love.

It would be if there were less of a love of money.

So they’re a bad example. Doesn’t mean the idea is bad.

There was a lot of it going around in this story, too. Just seems like it was money getting in the way!

Yeah I’m foolhardy. Id rather be that than old, cynical, grouchy, with a stick up the bum.