All you got is mental illness

I’ve got hip pain, neck pain from surgery, and an enlarged teste.

You’ll never get it, Phil. I suffer in silence.

My father was like that about a month ago… I was traumatized for a while. I don’t like it

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I have diabetes and high cholesterol along with smoking and being overweight. Those are all of my health related issues.

And of course I have sz.

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I’m overweight, I have diabetes, high triglycerides, a fatty liver, thyroid nodules, kidney cysts, and to top it off atherosclerosis of the aorta.

What AP have you been takeing long term?

Are you referring to me @pob?

sorry - yes

Just wondering - These meds -

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Yes I’ve been on Risperdal for decades @pob

Yeah these meds.

I’ve got sza, degenerative osteoarthritis, frequent migraines, early stage CKD, hypothyroidism, hard of hearing. and mild cognitive impairment.