All we had was Playboy magazine

We were very porn-deprived in the '70’s.


There used to be sex shops here back in the 1970’s, with books, magazines, old film movies, sex toys, ect.

Imagine a 1000 years ago when all people had were peep holes and drawings? :laughing:

Hustler was the racier cheesecake magazine in the 1970’s.

Hustler TV is popular here :joy:

Hustler has a strip club in NYC… my buddy was wanting to go there, so we stopped by, but was hella expensive

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I think my old landlord put all his 70s playboys in our rental house to hide from his wife lol. There was stacks and stacks of them under the stairs :smile:

I had a look at some. Some nice centerfolds :smile:


Back in the day I used to go out and live life, was not much need for porn back then, never had a collection, looked at the some of the celeb ones though

I tried selling about 40 or 50 of my dads playboy collection.
No one wanted them. Some of them were from the sixties.

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Well, no one needs porn. It’s just a little bonus in life.

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Well explained…

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lol that’s funny =p

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My best friend growing up had a stepdad who would keep his Playboy magazines in the family bathroom.


Playboy and Hustler were big back then during the 70s and 80s.

When I was a kid, dads kept their porn mags under bushes in the woods so their wives could not find them

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