All the stuff

I had an egg for breakfast yesterday.

I went to the hairdresser, my hair is browner now. I saw the blue man in the salon a lot. Moving about. He is a paedophile you know.

I took two seroquel in the afternoon and slept until 6. Then I got up and had dinner then went back to bed until 2am.

Tiggy just ran through the house with one of my boot laces wrapped around him. He was dragging my boot all through the house at top speed. It made me laugh.

I think the seroquel is working. It makes me sleep and I need to sleep a lot to stop seeing the blue man, the white man, stop the spies from the department of agriculture coming after the passwaord to my brain crystals.

I’m going to build a first aid kit when I’m better. I’m going to call it my reality check list. On it will be things like listening to jazz music and not the radio. The last message I got when I was listening to the radio all the time was that the shadow man is going to possess my body then make me kill myself.

So Mr turtle turned off the radio and the next day I just put on Jazz music. Glenn Miller and the rest. Then I drove to the sop with the radio on and the shadow man sent me a message that he is still around. The lyrics were “the shadows are everywhere.”

I’m also going to put typing in this forum in my reality check list. @Minnii has a code for me when I start going haywire.

I lost the rubber doovey from my ear phones. Just the right one. Now I have to but more rubber thingies to replace it. That’s so I can walk to work with music playing.


I have to go to the chemist today to put in my prescription for invega and lexapro. I usually have to wait overnight for my invega because they don’t keep it in stock. Sometimes they do keep it in stock for me.

Hey turtle, I hope those meds start kicking in, I’m really worried about you. :heart:

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Make sure you tell all of this to Dr. Mo turtle.

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I’m supposed to keep a journal but I lost it!

Maybe I’ll try to look for it today.

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