All thats left is to make the appointment

Thanks to the help of the Youth Service Center worker at my school I can now begin treatment. She talked to my medical care people and all I have to do is make the appointment at the local mental health treatment place.
My mother said she will go along with treatment along side me as well, she was diagnosed schizophrenic a few years back and is now willing to go through with treatment.
We hope to be able to draw some sort of check because she can’t work and neither can I.


that’s great peavy and it’s brilliant that your mum is going through treatment with you. i hope you both get some sort of relief very soon xxx


**I am so glad that this is happening for you.
Good luck Peavy :sunny: **


best of luck for you both


@bridgecomet and @bubbles
Thank you both. I plan on calling this Monday. Its time I put my foot down and escape.

I’m hoping for a official diagnoses while doing the treatment too, I heard nothing of talking to a psychiatrist.

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