All that fuss and I'm right where I started

I’m done with waging my personal war against meds. (Ie was not against them for others but was against them for me) Back when I was on all of them before, that was the most stable I ever was in my life. I felt NORMAL. But then I ended up quitting all of them because of side effects. I thought I was sick of meds and done with them.

But I’ve changed. Now I see that I need these meds and should not just give up when it comes to finding the right combo for me. Right now I am on 80 mg daily geodon, 150 mg Wellbutrin and a tiny .5 mg klonopin at night and I am getting no bad side effects at all to my knowledge so if they end up working (I really hope they end up working) this could be the perfect combo for me.

I’m just amused at how upset I was before over having to be on so many meds and how I felt I was poisoning my body and couldn’t feel ok again until I stopped them. Now I am relieved to be back on them. I learned my lesson.


Good luck @Anna You have to wait through it too to see the result. Takes time.
Once it took me like 3 months to actually start having insight.