All Speculation

Although I do not know if this is true, I speculate that about 1 year ago I was followed my a camera crew chasing all my steps and reading my thoughts. The cast included Lisa Simpson, Bart, The baby from the Family Guy, and the comic store guy (from the Simpsons). I did not know what they wanted from me. Then I was on 20/20 them doing a segment on me being schizophrenic or not. They made me say all these derogatory, illogical things. And I had people in the neighborhood shout and call me names. Anywhere I go they call me a whore or ■■■■ and sometimes even worse names. Recently was at an Itallian restaurant and someone said I was a whore.

Even worse the president got upset by my intusive thoughts and sent some poison to my direction. I was drinking some tea my mom made and my brain began to literally melt. Was so afraid by what happened I prayed to God this problem, my intrusive thoughts would go away. Now I’m terrified of people reading and seeing my mind. I would give anything for my privacy and mind back.

Years back, I had many similar experiences.

I do believe these experiences make you profoundly uncomfortable and that you routinely exercise great courage in going about your life. At least, that’s how it was for me!

Good wishes,


have you ever tried anti anxiety meds?

Anxiety definitely made psychosis more painful for me.