All-round better person

we are able to be centered and sensitive, think clearly, and have a balanced excellence in our thoughts, speech, and action that moves us toward more virtuous behavior. Therefore we live with greater meaning and purpose.

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Is that quoted? I agree

Yes @FreeLunch it is from a site I like, but its true

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Working on your mind is good,

But being an “all around better person” involves more than just inspirational quotes and such.

You have to bring that passion to every aspect of your life.

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You are being too hard on @san_pedro i think. Visualizing can lead to actualizing.

I have passion tanks

You don’t know my ‘‘full’’ circumstances so keep guessing with your opinion

anyway enjoy your day

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Don’t be hostile.

Everyone here thinks it’s me that picks on you,

But you aren’t an innocent party.

You provoke me too.

And I’m pretty sure my opinion of you is spot on,

So do yourself a favor and take some advice from someone who knows.

Stop reading memes and actually work on yourself.

One more thing, don’t randomly quote the internet without citing your sources.

we don’t get along so quit texting me, simple

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I will say you do kind of tend to derail his posts pretty often… Like you can just… Not interact with him or his posts??

And like @san_pedro maybe just stop replying to them if they get under your skin

Like you both end up at each other’s throats and I really think both of you maybe should just stop interacting with each other??

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Thanks for your comments.

I’ll be sure to take that to heart.

Trying to be a better person is a praiseworthy goal.

Thinking you’ve already become better is the pitfall.

It’s a lifelong process with ups and downs.

Also, actions speak louder than words.

Peace. :peace_symbol:


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