All Ponders great and small

Since there hasn’t been any activity in the creativity section for a while, I was thinking it was feeling forgotten.

A 4:00 a.m pondering… about the guts it takes, for me and some of my fellow club members to get through our day… I began to think of how much we admit to and how much we hide in general. We’re used to discussing our boogie men, but not our saving graces. It’s hard for me sometimes to break out and not let my SZ become my defining trait… I’ve been trying to sort of prove to myself that there is more to me then this… I’m hoping there is.

I was also thinking of the adventure that comes with breaking out of the norm, (any norm). Even my SZ norm…

“Adventures come in all shapes and sizes”- William Carlos Williams (along with many others)

From getting a haircut to falling in love, or just getting your car and getting out of the driveway… these can be a sublime act of faith (in what ever you have faith in) as well as a monumental act of courage. For anyone… Not just for us here in Club SZ.

Who else ponders?


i ponder a lot. big stuff mainly. like whether there is life after death…r there other dimensions like this one…r they accsessable in spirit form…u know , ■■■■ like that. i ponder how i came to b in the situation i’m in and how my life would have turned out if i hadn’t have gotten abused for years. what would i have been like etc. i also ponder the future for both myself in terms of earning capacity and my kids. yeah…i ponder.

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Sometimes when I’m working in a garden… I ponder about the first human to ever eat a lobster. That very first person to look that aggressive exoskeleton in the eye and say “right, I’m going to fight that and eat it.”

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I like this post! I ponder about life in the universe. I personally think that due to the size of the universe, there IS intelligent life out there, just like us. I wonder if they are similar or very different, in terms of politics and social structures, and in things like mental illness- is schizophrenia bound to happen in all highly intelligent creatures? Is there a planet of intelligent beings of some sort that has never had an instance of mental illness? Is mental illness just one of the risks of having such complex brains?

I mull over the past. Friends that I’ve had. Defining moments. Great experiences even though I did not enjoy all of them at the time.