All PIP disability claims to be reviewed

This is good news for some, but unfortunately not for me . I got shafted by a dishonest assessor . My brother , who was with me at the assessment ,said I needed him with me on trips to London to my sister’s house . The assessor dishonestly put in his report that I just needed prompting.

If he had put as my brother had stated and not lied I would have qualified for standard mobility . Being of a nervous disposition I didn’t challenge his dishonesty as that might have meant having to travel to see people about it(the irony!) . I’ve just had to accept that I was dishonestly denied benefit I should have been entitled to with no hope of a wrong being righted.


i dont even know if i will get anything, i might be taken off of my esa if i’m not careful :confused:

that article is good news though :slight_smile:

I think that happens to a lot of people @firemonkey I have the same problem with being nervous and not saying things when I should. That’s why I only got my food stamps this month instead of months ago.

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