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All my sick thoughts have gone away


When I was young, sick, and immature, I would wish ill on the world. I think it’s a testament to my depression more than my psychosis going away that now I hope for world peacE :v:️ With the bottom of my heart :heart:️ I’m being very honest here, when Sandy Hook happened I said at least those kids won’t have to grow up to see how terrible we are.… But now, and thank God, I’m not so sick, and I wish we could all just get along I wish for no violence, no Deaths except for old age, I know death is inevitable and murder is part of our Life/earth but I wish for as little as possible. I don’t think I’m a bad person for my past thoughts but rather I was sick…


One of my fave quotes. Just thought it was a bit relevant. We get to start every day fresh. No more of the past. No worries of the future.


Awesome, love quotes about living in the present like… The present is a gift that’s why we call it the present.… And if you got 1 foot in the past and 1 foot in the future you’re pissing all over the present! Is another good one


That’s a great quote! I need to write that down!!


I included it in my book actually when I edited it last time


That’s awesome! I won’t use it for anything other than trying to get myself in the right space


Long term AP use will have that effect on ppl. More agreeable, less religious.


Great to hear BigJon