All my schizophernia symptoms

this disease made around 13 delusions and i fell halucinated when this disease all this used to happen when this is in bad mode this i used to face earlier and maybe now a days too

this disease is controlling me by how i think feel and act

i think my mom and dad have plotted aginst me so that i will be damaged by this disease and i think they plotted me for this day since im 2 year old kid

and i think so much i cant think about other important things in my life and i plan to protect myself from it

sometimes when i explain about delusions are explained so badly so people wont understand them

i cant block my enemies from facebook but instead have a good chat with them irl

i do stupid things like i install unknown games and i waste my time in playing that i also tried to be a pro gamer but i failed

i wave finger in air to form a cube and i do it like i have tourrete syndrome

i also dont bath daily and i eat at night and i sleep at morning 4 am

i also make very wierd smiling face sometimes

i change my usernames in various social accounts for no reason

im also bored of doing various things in life like drawing, sketching, painting,playing indoors or outddor games, meeting new friends, having a job, getting into relationships, etc. and much more

This is my sza symptoms -

Alien and Sarah the spirits live in my head and talk to me and each other sometimes.
Alien puts his thoughts in my head and occasionally steals mine.
My mother in law will try to poison me eventually
Seeing an ambulance is a bad sign that something bad will happen to me
Self harm
Irritable mood
Short periods of Hypomania
Lack of insight sometimes
Chronic avolition (inability to start and finish tasks and goals)
My brain becomes like water
Shower only once a week (although I do wash my private area and face and hands regularly)
Brush teeth once every three days
No libido (this could be the meds not the sza)

dats too bad i think it includes some of my symptoms too like depression

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