All my friends will leave

I know that for sure. They’ll grow tired of my illness, and they will all leave.

All my Canadian friends left because of my stupid mental health.

I guess I am going to be alone for the rest of my life.

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In economics we talked about self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you really want it you can chase everyone away.

And friends are there for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Only very few fall in the last category.

Also, you are not alone. Currently you have friends, a dog and family,


People can only handle so much negativity before they burn out. As all you share are negative things it is no wonder you are burning the people around you out. You will need to find other things to talk about with people if you want to keep them around. I’m not saying you can’t vent occasionally, but you will drive people away if that is all you do.


I don’t do that all the time.

As I moved away, my friendship with them faded. In turn, we stopped speaking to each other.

I just assumed that it’s because of my mental health because it makes me a bad friend.

I’m not that good to be around. Who wants a sick person who spreads constant negativity?

It’s just me fearing abandonment.

It eats me up unfortunately, all the time.

I have to curate my contacts for my own good as I suffer from chronic depression. I admit that I cut constantly negative people out of my life because they are toxic to my health. I’m not trying to make you feel awful, but the fact is that almost everything you post is extremely negative. If you are like that with your friends in real life it will burn them out.

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I struggle to maintain friendships and eventually they all leave… I tend not to dwell on it anymore though, its sad but I’ve just grown used to it.

Very few have friends for life in my experience, people come and go into our lives, some we’ll see again later, some not.

You have to find the power within you to be as positive as possible, to ensure your own sanity.

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I don’t blame you for cutting people like me out. It’s healthy. You don’t deserve to suffer. I only post my innermost, darkest thoughts here that I don’t otherwise tell to other ppl other than my counselor.

I would prefer not to have to cut people out.

I would be okay with cutting people out if that were me because I understand. I don’t want to harm anyone.

What I am trying to say is that it would be nice if you were to feel included, but you may need to adjust your behaviour for that to happen. Everyone should have friends and support.


Thanks, I appreciate that. But I’m an awful person that doesn’t deserve that sense of appreciation. I’m just grateful that my friends appreciate me and I’m quite surprised that they care. I’m just extremely scared of abandonment because of my past trauma. I just can’t see myself being that good of a person really, though. I’m trying to keep my friendships and stop hurting them any way. I think I’m too toxic to be around and I pray to God he will end my life somehow.

umm… maybe it’s a bit of depressive thoughts?

true friends stay with you during the worst times. My 99%left during psychosis, but one friend left, and the other appeared soon after all stuff, and even she knew what’s wrong, she wants to be friend of mine.

Please, have a hope. I also hate the fact that I lost tons and tons of friends.
But it’s better to have few close than tons of fake friends.
And YOU DESERVE APPRECIATION. :heart: :star_struck:

You are NOT an awful person. Everything I know about you says that you are intelligent and kind. You are just caught up in awful circumstances that are crushing you. You should not think of yourself as being a bad person because you are not. Don’t confuse where you are with who you are, okay?



@BringMeCoffee @shutterbug thanks all. I appreciate that. I’m just going to go to bed. Goodnight!


have a good rest and do not overthink what you have wrote here, please

I hope you feel better tomorrow.


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I have one friend left all my other friends abandon me

I must face the fact that after my phone friend has left this planet I going to face loneliness:

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