All lousy relationships with the "real" people in "real" life

i feel just awful. i cannot seem to get along with others. i don’t fight much, not verbally either. still, i feel like most of my relationships are at least part failure

i maybe shouldn’t try so hard. i don’t know what to do. my social worker told me many times to try to join some activity group but with my thought broadcasting i don’t think i can.

i know this is a common symptom of sz but it hurts me a whole lot. what do you do regarding failed relationships?

thanks, judy

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The ones I can put behind me I just forget about. The ones I still need to maintain I just maintain.

Any noble ideas about having proper healthy/happy relationships are long since gone.

On the bright side I always blame the other party for my crappy relationships lol.

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thanks everhopeful. it is always great to read your input here.

i feel the same as you wrote, i.e. dropping the bad and holding onto what’s necessary

i find myself lonely and depressed, though. how about you? judy

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Not lonely and depressed but a little bit bitter about some failed relationships. I don’t really trust people a lot anymore.

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There’s still room for hope. You’re “Everhopeful” for crying out loud. I have failed relationships too. The biggest thing about them is that after I got the sting of rejection… the love interests of mine remained engrained in my social circle. That’s frustrating… but it’s how it went down. Nobody stayed in touch after the years went by though so it’s not painful in that respect anymore.

Still there could be a compound that really helps. And there could be increased understanding. There’s potential. How old are you if I may ask? I get envious of those younger because they have more time for progress and technology to unfold. Still I sleep at night(maybe not literally these days) because I know we’re innocent and on the right side of history. I wonder sometimes if this website has any designs on becoming a champion of the cause. I know there’s filters and it seems tech savvy. There’s a lot of constructive posts to cherry pick from, maybe it’s my grandiosity talking, but it keeps me out of feelings of despair. Anyway sorry for the long post, but I’m a paranoid schizophrenic too, and also you liked a post of mine about business.


I’m ancient. 48. :joy:


Oh ok you’re actually a bit younger than my impression of you. Having hope in the context of schizophrenia is healthy. And also you’re now on a better trajectory than I am since you successfully switched to vaping. You said your goal was “to survive” and that’s good, technology really advanced in this current expansion, and sometimes I think about Neurolink (The Elon Musk startup), the bottom line is we probably don’t know what a cure is going to look like.

And if my life should end in tragedy(no cures), I think my memory will be redeemed perhaps… since I’m 39, I’m not precisely young anymore either. To get serious, I’m sorry that your family has seemingly given up, or even shunned you. I have you beat there… But do you ever think there’s any potential with that? That would probably feel like a windfall, if you could ever rectify the problem.

Maybe I’m preaching to the choir on your family issues. But also maybe you’d like the opportunity to describe it more (or again, since I’m relatively new.) I just feel like my expectations are low and everything has the potential to be a bonus now. I don’t really feel despair, I feel like I’m in a driver’s seat a little.

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Maybe that was over the top. I liken myself as a writer. You supported me when I said I felt shameful about my unbalanced relationship with money(frugality), that went a long way. So you got my attention and stood out.

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I think you’re right. There’s always hope. Hope for better relationships. :thinking: Maybe I’m too pessimistic on that front.


I think it would make for a “romantic drama” story and those are my favorite movies.

I love the line in Snow Patrol’s Song “just say yes”. It says “I won’t be ok and won’t pretend I am”. Maybe you’ll like the song. I don’t have a clue what gets released in Europe and what doesn’t.

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Sorry for hijacking this thread. I tried too hard myself and that’s complicated. When I’m close to someone I feel compelled to flatter and therefore I don’t portray myself as any type of challenge. I can’t seem to learn from it though. I blurt it out.

Also I have a church group but I no longer think it can help me. I don’t have thought broad casting per say but my paranoia has a way of speaking. I believe this anyway. Many of us have hard times with finding someone. Also if you meant friends wise I have approximately one and just cultivating that is difficult. Your simply not alone here in any way shape or form. Wish I could help more, but that’s really it. Maybe someone else will come through more.

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