All life is Parallel Worlds. What is your World?

All life is Parallel Worlds.
What is your World?

Makes me think of having a double. I read the book the double by sariago one of you has to die.

Hmm. I wrote a sub-thesis on parallel processing in sub-psychotic borderline personality disorder years ago. First time I’ve seen someone else point to what might be the same thing. Borderlines (including multiples) process all incoming sensory experience through at least two usually pretty polarized and conflicting systems of core beliefs. The typical schism is fear of abuse here vs. fear of being alone there, but there are other set-ups I’ve heard of, though never actually observed first-hand.

@anon93437440 Does what you experience seem something like what I explained above?


Those words sound like they come from some ludicrous yoga- practicing part-time psych writer :smile:

You might wanna look at this. My language is too poor to paraphrase.

Hey, did you ever ask yourself,
what if we are just a projection of someone’s mad mind?

I mean, what if we are those parallel worlds in contrary to the real ones?
Did you watch a movie ‘The Others’. ? The story is about a mother with two boys who starts to feel and see an unusual residents in her house. She is convinced that those are the ghosts and she is willing to do anything to make them go away.
Then, the mother finds out that she and her boys are the undead ones, they are the disturbing residents.

So, what if we are the others?

I’m starting to wonder if my life isn’t some kind of dream, and I’m going to wake up to a different reality, kind of like the movies Inception, the Matrix, and others. I have this great construct of beliefs in my mind that contains several impossibilities - or, if not impossibilities, extreme improbabilities. I can’t see why people even care about my life. Why does it matter to them that someone so far removed from them is twisting off? Haven’t they got better things to do than interfere with my life?

I see it as “inception” like. A hologram within a hologram within a hologram ultimately with black holes acting as a giant server and projector.
Yeah, it’s like a cosmic game of Farmville. But surely we can’t be the audience…

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I like the title of this post.

In each of us is a separate recreation of the same environment and as an extension of that a recreation of the world. Worldviews.

We accent them with our own beliefs about this place. Whether they are beliefs about its construction or something beyond that.

We all do live in our own separate but parallel worlds.

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