All I want to be is lazy and fat

But pain and conflict won’t let me rest and I have to be at some nervous activity all too much.

I find L theanine or tea calms me down. Try peaceful activities like meditation, sorting things, eating, napping, happy tv shows. Go out and buy some French fries to feel fat.

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Do you go to work or you have some chores to manage?

I can so relate. I can’t stand time …

Time is my friend, but not lately. I so hate to try to file all this stupid paperwork that seems to have a life of it’s own.
It wont stay in the file folder overnight it jumps free to comingle with the stuff in the next two files over.
Receipts of the past 5 years run from the envelope marked by the year.
Is nothing my friend anymore?

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Yes, I have chores. I feed and water the dogs, do house laundry and empty the dish washer.