All I want in life is a mentor

I just really want one. I’d rather have a mentor than money, career and prestige. Somebody who can teach me and I can emulate. I’d emulate them to a tee. I’ve missed opportunities to have mentors in the past. Just the last few years it’s something I really desire. Nobody has came into my life though.


I’d love to have a permanent talk therapist. It would be like my weekly worry hour with them to come up with solutions.

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For me more like an hourly madness minute lol. I think here people can become life coaches which is inspiring.

I had a mentor when I was coming off illegal drugs. This guy used to see me twice a week for over a year.

This guy I owe my life to, as he taught me to be able to understand what was happening to me, as I was being exploited really badly when I was a teenager.

It took to long for this intervention to come, but it was very welcome.

Having someone like that is priceless.

Unfortunately adult NHS services are a very temporary support with talking. I am finding this out the hard way at the moment.

I might see how much a private one is, but I fear it will be more than I can afford.

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Hmm… I’d suggest maybe looking up videos on youtube about Mike Tyson on his umm… stand-up introspective special or even Sergio Martinez. Such things stir compassion, understanding, and lessen despair.

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