All I want for Christmas is you

Hey all,
Hows everyones holiday season going?


bah humbug :smile:

Awh how sweet

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I was thinking the carol by mariah carey, this works too.

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What does it mean? :foreigner here:

I’m wondering if I made a mistake getting the doctor to double my dose of Wellbutrin. So far I haven’t experienced any alarming symptoms, but I might get hit with some bad symptoms of that drug just about Christmas time. Actually, I’m not too worried about it, because I think I am pretty insensitive to Wellbutrin, but I am a little nervous.

Ebeneiser scrouge hates christmas… “Bah humbug” is what he says every time he is confronted with the reality that the day must pass…

Then the ghosts of cmas present past and future visit him and torment him… Until he sees the light and gives his workers proper pay and leave… Which ends up saving a kids life…

Delete that comment on my thread.
And thanks, :imp:

Aaaasssssss youuuuuuuu wiiiissssshhhh

all I want for Christmas is someone I can never have

:cries in Spanish:

Nine Inch Nails - Something I Can Never Have (Still)


Thee Entire Audio Engraved Library From thus Artist TRENT REZNOR / NINE INCH NAILS is Flawless and Pretty Cool (if I do say so myself) , Untouchable and Full of Rage and Beauty … ,

Grab thee Entire Library and NexXxt T(Y)me You Feel Lyke Taking a Break , Chill With Mr. Reznor … ,

and Long Ago He Worked With MARILYN MANSON , STARSUCKERS Is a Good Start On Thaz Weirdness ,

Yep Yep … ,

(BRB) … … …

You can’t have me for christmas… :smile:

But I’ll send you a hug! :hug:!

food…i love food :heart:
take care :alien:

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