All i deeply enjoy is music

there is no other significant enjoyment for me in life now.

how about you?



All I deeply enjoy is meditation, reading and this site.

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I enjoy learning things.

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I kind of feel the same way. But I’m kind of losing interest in music now too.

I enjoy listening to stand up comedy on spotify though even though I haven’t listened for a while.

At one point I lost interest in everything and my psychiatrist said when that happens they encourage people “to find new interests”.

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I find it difficult to watch TV and movies because they’ve become really formulaic. I used to be a big sports nut when I was a lot younger, but I had some negative experiences playing organized amateur sports. Because of the internet, I find it hard to get through any book. And I got rid of my Xbox One console last spring. I still have music and the internet, but at least I have a life outside of keeping myself entertained. I’ve definitely reached the age where you get tired of entertaining yourself to death.

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