All Hallows’ Eve: A Tragedy in Verona

(Enter MICHAEL MYERS, with knife gleaming under the pale moonlight.)

Silent as the grave, am I,
And death, my mistress, by my side,
This All Hallow’s Eve, mischief and dread shall fly,
And in their wake, innocence shall hide.

(Enter LAURIE, with lantern flickering, casting long shadows.)

A chill doth creep o’er my flesh,
And mine heart beats as the frightened hare.
Yet I must press on, in this nightmarishy mesh,
Though I am ensnared in a most ghastly snare.

Thou canst not flee, sweet Laurie, my prey,
For in this dance of death, thou art mine.
This night of ghouls holds no sway,
Over the dark deeds that intertwine.

Nay, I shall not be thy sacrificial lamb,
Though thou art a specter, fearsome and cruel.
I shall fight with all the strength I am,
Thou shall find no easy fool.

(They circle each other, the predator and the prey. The night echoes their deadly ballet.)

Then come, dear Laurie, let us dance this dance,
Underneath the moon’s spectral glance.


In the style of William Shakespeare


wow, you wrote that??! cool beans.

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@jukebox Well, I conceptualized it. :sweat_smile: Actually I got so curious about the AI Chat Writers that I gave in and tried it out. It’s actually pretty insane what it can do. I had the idea but it put it to work.

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So I’m cheaping out a little creatively today