All hail buckeye chuck! light at the end of the tunnel and signing off until december!

well, buckeye chuck predicted an early spring and it seems to be here. buckeye chuck is the local upstart groundhog prognosticator here in cincinnati, punxatawny phil has nothing on buckeye chuck! anyways im starting to feel better now that it’s warming up and i’ve been spending hours each day outside. i think i am going to be gone until december and take some time away from the forum for a few months. i apologize about my cryptic post a couple days ago, i was really triggered but seemed to have exorcised another demon of mine in the process. so these next few months, i will be doing lots of yard work, and spending time in my garden, working out working on my physique, watching news and sports, hiking and kayaking and maybe taking a couple of trips. also im going to be working on my guitar playing and try to finish a handful of songs i have halfway written. and im thinking i may try my hand at the harmonica to turn myself into a real folksy phenomena to top the americana charts, haha just kidding about that part.

i think i definitely have seasonal affective disorder as my mood drops every winter, so im going to ask my pdoc about if i can get on antidepressents next winter and then come off of them in the spring when i no longer need them. i don’t know much about anti depressents though.

also at the end of this month, i am taking a 4 day trip to colorado to spend time in a ski town and visit with my sister’s family. i think i will hang out all day at the condo and in town and at the lodge, i have no intention to ski actually, but me and dad may do some snowshoeing while we are there. we decided not to go to arizona, this trip, but mom and dad are planning on taking a trip out there later to visit my brother. anyways, im looking forward to getting away and returning to warm weather when i get back.

so logging off until december, hope everybody stays well. will miss the forum, it will be hard to break the habit of not coming here when im online. but i also plan to spend a lot less time online each day, so that should make it easier to break the habit. im hoping to forget my sza diagnosis for awhile and see how that influences my writing. will have plenty to say when i return im sure. thanks for being patient with me these last 4 years.


See you in December, my friend.

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the best of luck to you =)
see you when you get back!

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You will be missed!


@Ninjastar where is the post where I said I was on drugs?

It was this one

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Ha ohhh, I was quoting the drug from limitless, just messing. I don’t do drugs for the record. Just tea :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought the IRA had hijacked my account and were writing things

Go for it, bro! I believe in you!

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well don’t forget to come back !! thanks for the heads up.

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