All alone with them

Well I’m all alone In my house, my family hates me and all i have at the moment Is the voices and hallucinations and paranoia :frowning:

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I never feel alone… theres always something with me… even if their not real they haunt me all the time…i cant even escape them in my dreams… I feel your pain…im sorry…

Least your voices and HLC8t’s love you enough to keep you company.

i guess you’re right, but my family doesn’t have time for me.


that’s why we have this forum… when everyone else is too busy you can always come here and vent and talk with people who understand… this forum is wonderful…


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I know how you feel. To me it’s very much like being a kid who isn’t ready to be alone yet. It’s a desperate feeling.

yeah, besides my family being gone, I’m having a hard time with seeing things.

i hate hallucinations.

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Sometimes it takes the family a loooong time to come around and find out you’re the same good person you’ve been all along.
Don’t give up on them by not giving up on yourself.
Do the best you are able to every day, but do it for you, no one else, because no one can ever take away from you what you have earned.

but im worthless and i don’t deserve friends:sob:

:sob: but thanks

I feel alone with the illness like no one gets it but I’m never alone even when I think I am unless I’m high which I don’t do anymore so I can’t escape this I’m pushed away by many people but I’ve learned to keep it to my self these days

Now stop that nonsense, you are not.

ok :expressionless:

Your family dislikes you, but I love you!
I would love to be your friend!

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