Aliens have landed

…on my laptop !?! :computer:
just bought some funny cool alien stickers for the laptop.
they make me smile :smiley:
take care :alien:

" peace out earthlings "


Modern day aliens (landing in the USA) say take me to your Social Security office.

(62+ years or older seem to get benefits even though they’ve not paid into the system.)

For what it’s worth, my favorite alien with the long pointy chin and sideways mouth on my shower curtain said to me,
“You’ve been a wafer to long”
(away for to long)

That never gets old.


Im kinda partial to that chick in ‘species 1’

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Yes; but what they get, you could barely live on. I think it’s about $1k monthly right now.

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But where does the money they get come from if they never put any in?
They keep threatening there is no more money for those who paid into it, that it will run out soon.
How can it pay out more than it gets?