I’m sorry you have to drink so many. I would be afraid of drinking if I ended up drinking that many…I drink about 9 beers every time I drink, sometimes just 6 but if I get to turn the music up it’s 9. I go to bed if it’s more than that.

good luck levelJ1

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thanks jukebox, i try to minimise it and not get to upset with myself for doing it.

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You may find something useful on their site:

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I have a problem drinking, even my gf admits it. I’m trying not to drink today and it doesn’t seem too bad yet but I will admit I have a bit of alcoholism in my family and I need to beware those things.

Yeah, alcoholism runs in families. You could have a pre-desposition to becoming an alcoholic. My grandfather and my dad were both alcoholics. Not me. I became an addict.

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Yes I’ve been in recovery for that and I have a drinking problem and all sorts of screwed up stuff in my life lol. I’m out of nicotine gum and I want a cigarette truthfully. I’m very stressed as to I found out I’m late on a bill and we’re going to be pretty poor this month. I haven’t had a drink yet though today, it’s just hard for me.

Mine was meth, one time use and I knew I could never, ever do stuff like that again. I was very outlandish, depressed, and indifferent sometimes and I abused lots of drugs. Now I’m trying to get a better handle on my drinking.

Well, I’m sure you’ve heard , “One day at a time”.

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Yes…and (just for today). “pretty much the same quote lol”. No I deal with lots of depression and I tend to drink too much sometimes or just too early in the day and every day. It’s not good.

Yeah, I deal with depression too. Alcohol might make it worse. And it cost money.

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most of the time at my old place I’d drink a 12 pack a day of keystone…I just don’t see the point lol.

That’s $90.00 a month. Or more.

I think I should get myself in a group or something. I want my gf to attend we both drink a lot you know and it’s getting in between us in our relationship…I don’t want to go out like this.

Yes, there’s other ways to get help for a drinking problem besides AA. But AA is free and proven to work.

some say alcohol is the cause and solution to all problems…:slight_smile:

I’m an alcoholic. It’s the damnedest thing, when they gave me the shot of Haldol decoate it totally changed my body chemistry in regard to alcohol. This change was permanent, because I have not been on the Haldol shot for about fifteen years. The Haldol shot reduced the amount I could drink by about a half to a third. I used to drink 30-35 beers in a day and go for about six or seven days, and then have a serious hangover. Now the most I can drink is about 10-14. I don’t go into a blackout when I drink and do crazy things, now. The alcohol in combination with my med’s is probably wrecking my liver, but at least I don’t do insane things when I drink.

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Any way you look at it, being an alcoholic is not good. If it’s causing someone problems, the best thing is to do something about it.

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This may be personal and off topic, but I had a question for you Nick. I’ve read a few of your other posts when I’ve come across them and was wondering how in the world you were able to smoke crack while being diagnosed with schizophrenia, especially as an ongoing addiction for 4 years. Crack seems like something that would trigger a pretty severe psychosis even after just 1 hit because of how hard it hits the dopamine system. Even for normal people it’s known to cause paranoia more often than not. How did you manage to uphold that addiction, let alone for 4 years? Just the addiction and withdrawals themselves would have been hard enough to deal with I imagine, but being diagnosed with schizophrenia during that just makes it sound all the more worse. Didn’t smoking it make you psychotic? Or did it not really effect your schizophrenia and it was just the addiction itself that was bad? Either way it sounds like it would have been a scary period of your life that took a lot of strength to make it through. I can’t imagine smoking crack with schizophrenia and not feeling like you need an immediate trip to the ER afterwards.

Sorry if it seems like I’m prying for information. It just amazes me that you were able to manage that addiction for so long all while being schizophrenic.

Dylan, I don’t won’t to sound to egotistical but as I look back over the last 35 years I have amazed myself as to what my mind has handled. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19. My case was severe. I know that my illness(symptoms) were worse than some peoples symptoms and not as bad as others. But I suffered and went through hell with my disease.
But I first tried crack when I was 26. I smoked large amounts of it. And I smoked it frequently. The drug did not effect my schizophrenia. I know a few other people on here smoked crack, I don’t know how it effected them.

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