Alcohol withdrawal or imminent death

I feel weird for some reason.:stuck_out_tongue:

  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Death

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Be happy let’s goooohohoo!

It snowed here! Go to the snow.

What Roxanna???

I don’t think it’s alcohol withdrawal. Mon and tue I was fine. It could have something to do with my depot. I had it today. All in all I’m feeling better. It was just a weird feeling there for a min.


Sorry I just losing my mind. Alcohol is scary sometimes. Are you taking meds ged?

There ain’t enough room on here to list all my weird feelings. If I listed every weird feeling I have on an average day I would need a whole website just dedicated to me and my weird feelings.

77nick77’sweirdfeelings .com.


You basically just told me you hope I die. That’s absolutely unforgivable. Jk :heart: You rox .You can join the list of people who want me dead. :expressionless:

I don’t want you dead. You’re a good person.:blush:

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