do you drink sometimes? and how do u find it?

hello anyone out there…

Used to drink a lot but it wasn’t pretty. So I stopped and now everything is fine.


I don’t drink. My husband and I are currently alcohol free :smile:


When I drink I usually drink beer… When I’m coming down from the drunkeness, it makes me very introspective and kind of suicidal. I still drink here and there, but questioning why I do it…
I prefer to be high, that’s my drug of choice. It’s easier on the body, but harder on the brain. Alcohol is poison. It turns into a chemical which is very close to formaldehyde (what they embalm dead people with) when it hits your blood stream.

A lot of people don’t know that.

EDIT: it’s called Acetaldehyde.

ill have a beer or two sometimes but i was told that getting sh1tface would screw up my medications and make me relapse. Ive been tipsy but I stop there, ive only done that a few times since I got on meds. It’s St Pattys so tonight I will be drinking a couple beers, maybe with one of my buddies, if he doesnt come around like usual then with my cats and dogs LOL

I usually just get relaxed and little euphoric after a couple beers. That makes me satisfied. Before meds, I was a raging alcoholic, I would drink 3/4 of a handle, puke and then drink the rest. I hardly slept without alcohol. I would buy a fifth and finish it in a night and that never made me throw up. On my 20th birthday I had 6 irish car bombs and a handle of baileys liqueur. I projectile vomited like a bitch and then drank a little more.

I had a system, I drank a gallon of water before going to sleep to prevent hangovers. It really worked, I never had hangovers, I would just wake up buzzing and otherwise felt fine.

dont be an alky. Quitting is no fun and is comparable to being psychotic. I remember thinking about alcohol all day for a month, tapering off, drinking only a couple of drinks within a month. I was miserable and felt like a slave to ethanol. I then got perfectly clean and on a higher dose of Geodon, then I leveled out significantly. I got anxious when school started in the fall and I started having two beers every night. Then I was prescribed xanax and quit the beer, didnt buy anymore of it.

Haven’t touched a drop in years :beer: :frowning:


no i don’t drink, it doesn’t help any symptoms…
take care


Been sober for 6 years. I don’t miss alcohol at all.


I got drunk a couple times alone at home before the sz broke in. I was still very depressed but I got drunk mainly out of curiosity and I’m glad I did. My Dr told me I can’t drink at all and I know it would have been a very real temptation if I had never had any alcohol. It’s kinda like a fifty shades of grey book. Everyone’s doing it so you get curious and you want to do it because everyone looks like they are having so much fun, but there’s really nothing special about it. The drinks look prettier than water bottles. But hey, it’s harder to roofie a closed water bottle.