Alcohol and nicotine

So I drink and smoke every day. Nicotine, weed, alcohol. I work a stable job as a cashier 40+ hours my voices are with me 24/7 I just have my methods but there’s not a day that goes by that I dont drink. At least 2 cans of reds wicked 8% it helps me feel again and be okay despite everybody laveling me an alcoholic and addict. I had a beer the other day before work and felt great did awesome and just started taking dabs on break. Opinions… ?

whats dabs? is that weed or something? definitely shouldn’t be driving with that on you, i would keep it at home if you’re going to use it. not worth the legal trouble unless you’re in a legal state if you get caught.

I love alcohol and nicotine. But I can’t have it now cause I’m pregnant.

You are advised to only have a certain amounts of units per week. If you can cut down and have some alcohol free days.

I know it’s hard.

The 2 illnesses where you can have lack of insight are schizophrenia and alcoholism. An alchoholic doesn’t believe they have a problem like a schizophrenic says they don’t need meds because they’re not sick.


my opinion is you should be responsible and drive sober. it can wait til after work.

Having read Russell Brands “Recovery” he notes that one thing an addict must note is that oddly and counter intuitively is to congratulate you on having found a couple of drugs that have allowed you to ‘survive’, however I must add that your dependence is dangerous and risky behaviour.

If you get caught at work under the influence then you risk future employment.

Physical addiction to alcohol ruins your body. Mental addiction controls your life and actions. Dependence on these things may not be sustainable. You probably will increase your intake to continue to ‘survive’ in these environments which increases the chance of being caught.

If you recognise your dependence and need as an addiction then you may well find that most addictions are the wish to escape what is in your head. Analysing the motivation to escape can be a very difficult path indeed. Whatever is in your head may need counselling and time to develop, so that one day you won’t feel the need to escape as much if at all.

In your original post you ask what we think of your behaviour perhaps because you are questioning your own lifestyle. This is the first step towards a recovery. Recognising if you have a problem and then what to do about it.

Good luck on your journey.

My opinion:

You’re a functional addict.

That’s what I am.

But seriously, the alcohol is what’s going to ■■■■ you up iMO. That’s what happened to me.

I try to stay away from alcohol. I got paranoid when I drank and that was enough for me. I smoke weed and chew tobacco though. I would say I’m habitual. I smoke non stop and chew all the time. Just a way to feel something

Alcohol is the only thing that allows me to finally “BREATHE” I get so buzzed I dont think I can hear my voices every now and then but it helps me to focus on me even if I am drunk

Alcohol didn’t help with the voices when I was unmedicated. Now on meds it gives me bad headaches.

What meds are you taking?

Your voices don’t give shite about it? My voices won’t shut up to quit vaping

dabs is concentrated weed likd resin or melted down hash

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I tried about 7-10 different drugs within 6 months and all just made me feel terrible and halted my way of living I feel better now working and doing my own thing nothing with the voices ever changed

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