Alas I Am Lost In My Meaningless, Brainy Data

Don’t listen to what the sound means. Focus on what makes the sound experience from out of the brain.

Take everything that can be experienced, and ignore the data it gives you.

Just focus on what IS the experience itself, and how can a brain make it out of data.

What does it mean that your brain creates experience? Not much! :thinking:

If you wish not to do that, then how would you wish to know what any of the information means from inside head? You need to know, so you can determine what is from outside of your head & what is from inside of yourself?

That’s called mental proprioception which is what scz’s lack most of all. That’s what the Pdocs say. That is also what people on the street say; average people. They can spot an scz because of the lack of mental proprioception, and that really should be the big news from average people to scz’s.

And Radio Head ideologies about what that information means is the antithesis of pure and true mental proprioception. Radio Head ideologies suggest there is no border between your brain’s processes and the rest of reality. As a schizophrenic I can’t afford to try to believe in that, but to be honest, if I didn’t know much about anything to believe other than that, then I’m stuck believing that.

So for me I really have to choose: Am I going to try to survive as a Radio Head kook who’s missing his sense of mental proprioception, or am I going to choose to define what is mental experience itself like it were a tangent thing, and what is self.

I can be an asset to people one way, but I cannot the other way. So doesn’t this become a moral and practical decision?

If you don’t know where the information is coming from, why would you care?

If you don’t care where the information is coming from for fact beyond a shadow of a doubt, then how can one be anything but sick? How can a sick person be of service to other working people, and how can a sick person help the sick if one does not know for fact where the information from the mental experiences is coming from and not coming from.

I have noticed that a lot of scz’s only want to believe in some form of “radio soul” sci fi? Okay, I won’t disrespect anyone that does. I am okay with you all as much as anyone else, and I hope that you are okay with me talking about the real things that I can prove. :slight_smile: I’m what people say is a kooky skitz, but I like to know what can be proven fact about how my experiences are created, and I like to know how everyone else in the world is experiencing their information too. It’s very interesting research. :slight_smile:

I ask why isn’t everyone lost in their information like me, and I’ve asked this for many years. I could never just write something like that off. I really had to get down to what it is to experience, what is required by it in order to happen, and what are all of the possibilities. I studied some psychology, but I mostly studied civilization present and past in a multitude of fields such as cultures, social trends, technology and methodology advents, creativity, economies, religions, cults, kingdoms/governments, morals, leadership, followership, businesses, crime, substance abuse/use, military/war,…

…and all about the past, present, and hypotheses about the future.

I have traveled the USA, and I invested my life into understanding every other race and as many cultures as I could including the high class culture. I didn’t just drive by a neighborhood. I lived in those neighborhoods with them.

I know the human being inside and out. It doesn’t matter which one. All of them.

Because I see researched what the mental experiences do. That’s what civilization is; a big, long, worldwide series of mental experiences.

And when the world sees someone does not have a healthy sense of mental proprioception, they know intuitively that that person is sick in some way. They know that person takes the radio head stuff to seriously so much so that he or she has lost that sense of mental proprioception.

This is what is commonly believed. I’m just the messenger. :slight_smile:

I have dedicated my life now towards combing my mental experiences for any related detail to “radio soul” or “radio brain” ideology. I have to catch it, and analyze it, and make sure I’m knowing what it is which is classifying what nature of brain data nonsense I have here, and then neutralize it if it is something that messes with my emotions or my sense of mental proprioception, so it has no effect on me, my thinking, and especially my actions because that radio head stuff ruins my days.

That’s not the only thing that ruins my days. Other people ruin my days too. I live in a metro by the way.
So if I can comb out bad experiences, root the information that underlies them, and then classify and neutralize any radio head nonsense in myself, then I can do the same when I here or see other people doing things that might mess up my day or who need my support.

I have to challenge myself by going out into the city with people, and practicing it there in the moment to see how hot I can get my mental equipment, and my personality, and all of that, and embed the new ideology deeply into my subconscious, so it is second nature.

Always analyze and memorize what I experienced from a psychology perspective, and be sure that if it is something that suggests any kind of radio head mumbo jumbo that it is “reclassified” in my mind, by my mind, for my mind and other people’s minds, so that I’m not memorizing what is happening around me or in me like there really is a radio head phenomenon that I have to be aware of because I don’t.

Do you know what happens if you memorize what you experience like a radio head? You act crazy, weird, and kooky. When you do that, people avoid you, and this can hurt your future and/or the futures of anyone that depends on you or enjoys you.

So this is not simply a selfish noble endeavor. This is so I don’t act crazy, run my life right, and so I don’t get treated like I’m crazy, and therefore I can be support to other people that I want support from too.

It makes sense. It’s a noble quest.

There is no radio head thing like many people taught me to believe either through entertainment or actual education. I’m alone in my brain information, I’m not ignorant, and that is just as noble a cause as any other.

I don’t know why I should say this, but it might now be bad. I didn’t rise to this level of awareness through being lazy or passiveness or being ignoble to people. I delivered what people deserved which means riding the strict rule of truth, dedication, and a try try try attitude.

So I just want to say to other scz’s that if you think you know it all, but you believe in “radio head” thoughts when that is toxic to people with bad mental proprioception deficits, and you didn’t throw yourself into your work and dedication to people including your own aptitude developments, then I want to just say…

…there is more to it that awaits your discovery of it.

That’s all I intended to mean with this post. I just want people to realize that behind that radio head belief there is mental proprioception, and past that there is endless discovery.

:slight_smile: I’m just expressing on a good morning here form the home. Have a good one.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: don’t mind me :stuck_out_tongue:

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